Elite Escort Anastasia

 Private Ultimate Individual Tantra Retreats

This year Melissa will offer a limited number of private retreats for motivated, dedicated individuals that want to master self-improvement in relationship and love skills. In these Ultimate Immersions you will deepen your connection with yourself and learn how to offer healing and tantric awakening to a partner. Immerse yourself in learning new ways to communicate, make love, touch, and meet yours and others' needs.

Ultimate Private Immersion experiences can range from a weekend intensive in relaxing Asheville NC or  glamorous Atlanta GA to a 10-day retreat in the Caribbean.  Enjoy the deep, life-changing work in the setting of your choice. Intensive experiences are customized to your desires. The schedule will be tailored to your needs allowing for the greatest flexibility to facilitate learning and healing time. All sessions are conducted in a safe and contained environment with boundaries discussed and honored.

A male Tantra Adept or additional Tantrica - If desired a male or another female tantra adept can join us for your journey. This allows great flexibility in customizing healing and learning time. Melissa and the other tantric adept may share and demonstrate practices with you observing and later practicing. They will also be available when it may be beneficial for you to receive additional support, guidance, or healing sessions.

Tantra Yoga- learn and practice white Tantra Yoga. This is specifically designed to potentiate your time in private sessions and to assist you in having ejaculatory mastery and more powerful full-body orgasmic capacity in addition to a younger more flexible body and more feelings of bliss and ecstasy.

Typical Schedule

Early Morning - Enjoy a leisurely breakfast on your own or engage in personal practice or journaling.

Mid-Morning - Meet with Melissa for a check in and Tantra Yoga to gently open the body and start out the day.

Lunch - Assimilate learning on your own with quiet time and a healthy lunch or have a relaxing massage with a local practitioner. Engage in personal practice or journaling.

Afternoon - Meet with Melissa for for coaching, walking meditation, curriculum, etc...

Early Evening - Private Healing Session with Melissa

Evening - Enjoy a quiet dinner on your own or with Melissa

The Contribution for this timeless visit to paradise full of learning and enjoyment is 5,000 for Tantra Training only and 10,000 for the Tantric Companionship included. This Weekend rate which can also be requested during the week does not include travel expenses.