Elite Escort Anastasia


"Once you've had one taste of the divine,
nothing else will do.

I offer Tantra, Sensual Massage and Companionship in Asheville and Charlotte, North Carolina as well as occasionally when on tour in SF, Las Vegas, Texas, DC and Boston or by special request at a destination of your choice.

The below rates are all minimum contributions for my time. Gratuity and gifts from my Wishlist at the bottom of this page or additional support are always appreciated and never expected.


Offering The Very Best Tantra, Sensual Massage and Companionship!

Tantric Massage as well as Ejaculatory Mastery Training- Rates for Incall Only
1.5 Hours Intro to Tantra 475
Tantric Massage as well as Ejaculatory Mastery Training and Practices for Male Ecstatic States
2 Hours (Practices for Full Body Ecstacy for Him) Intermediate Level 575

Everything mentioned above plus Yoni Honoring and Practices for Female Ecstatic States

2.5 Hours (Practice for Mutual Ecstacy) Advanced. May only be available with prior experience with Tantra 675
Everything mentioned above plus time to have a drink or snack together to build chemistry
3 Hours Advanced. Prior experience may be required 875
Everything mentioned above plus a meal together to build chemistry

4 Hours Companionship Experience (Highly Recommended!) Tantric Massage Training and Companionship.

Not FS


Everything Mentioned above plus a Divine Romance Lunch or Dinner Date
Perfect for getting to know each other and building chemistry and enjoying an outing together! My Favorite!

(I turn into a pumpkin at 11pm)

Off the Clock (Usually 5 or 6 Hours) Highly Recommended! Tantric Massage and Companionship Off the Clock! Inquire
Not FS

Public Meet and Greet Dinner Date at a Restaurant
2-3 Hours: Please Note- A private experience with me is not included in this rate! 300

I ask 100 per hr driving one way so that would be 100 additional for outcall to San Diego


Please Note- I charge 50 additional for evening experiences and request at least 3 hrs advanced scheduling. I charge 100 additional for appointments with less than 2 hours advanced notice. Please plan ahead to see me.

Additionally, I value my beauty sleep and try not to start Tantric Experiences after 7.30 pm. I like to finish by 9 or 9.30 if possible especially if i have an hour drive home. Thanks for understanding.

Special Exclusive Ultimate Tantric Retreat!

Weekend Ultimate- A Timeless Visit To Paradise!
(Also available during the week)
Friday 7pm - Sunday 5pm (See Ultimates page for details!) $5-10,000
(note-I require my own private sleeping quarters at a nice hotel for ultimates so that i can be fresh and rejuvenated for our time together)

Packages for Patrons! <3

I would love to opportunity to cultivate a deeply personal and authentic relationship with you. Please inquire with me personally if you would like an ongoing arrangement with me. For 15 K monthly I will see you exclusively. This amount allows me to live well while saving for my future. I am open to negotiating what works for both of us so if you are interested in an arrangment please discuss with me in person.


Gift Wish List- Go Ahead, Spoil me.

Gifts are always appreciated and never expected. I try not to collect too many objects as i prefer support toward my future and what i want to create in the world. However, I love a thoughtful gift. If you would like to treat me to something special please take note of some of the things i love below.

Lingerie: I have a fetish for lingerie. Doesn't everyone?

I would love to go clothes shopping with you. It is best to see items  on me before purchasing. If you like you can buy me a gift certificate. :)  I love French and Italian lingerie especially push up bras sets. (I wear size 5 medium. 34B bras fit me best and my shoe size is 8.5) Look at sexy lingerie and some brands i like at links below.

I recommend looking at my Amazon wish list for ideas! I especially love pin up dresses and books. :) Here is the link:

Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/giftlist/3JJ7G7OA1ZSIS

  • A thoughtful card with the contribution for my time inside
  • I love to receive flowers of all kinds especially roses, lilies, irises, and plants i can grow
  • I love to receive gifts of poetry, music or anything else that inspires you!
  • If you want to buy me chocolate I love raw natural chocolates  such as Sacred Chocolates which can be purchased at SacredChocolate.com
  • Give a beauty box that keeps on giving every month! http://www.glossybox.com
  • I enjoy handsome pencil/pen sets and journals
  • I love art especially originals and anything pre-raphaelite or indian. Please frame art or get prints on canvas if not original (I especially love Indian art of Krishna and Radha) http://www.zazzle.com/radha+krishna+poster
  • http://www.illusionsgallery.com/Waterhouse.html
  • http://www.zazzle.com/pre+raphaelite+posters
  • Jewelry (I prefer gold and gem stones)
  • Tickets for us to the ballet, opera, or theater at a mutually agreed on time!
  • Help paying off my student loans!
  • An apartment in the city or vacation home in Hawaii!!! (it can't hurt to dream big right:)
  • I would love to see this woman's life's work, who is an amazing artist and a tantric scholor, come to fruition in a Dakini Oracle card deck among other things. Please donate if you can so that everyone can enjoy her amazing art and wisdom and not just as an oracle on the internet which she has so generously made available to us all. Here is a link to the oracle. Feel free to enjoy and use it to receive guidance from the Goddesses/Dakinis she works with. http://www.64dakinioracle.org/consult.html

Some of the places i would like to visit as a travel companion!

I have never as yet been to Europe and would love to travel to- in order of preference:

  1. Venice for romance and waterways anytime but especially for Mardi Gras!
  2. Anywhere in Italy to eat and see art and history but especially Florence.
  3. Paris for Romance and Food
  4. Morocco for roses and a taste of the exotic especially Fez and Marrakesh from Spain
  5. Spain for Flamenco dancing and music
  6. Amsterdam for wild fun
  7. Greece and Turkey for sunny beaches in winter
  8. London for excitement
  9. Vienna for art and grand cafes