Elite Escort Anastasia


I expect to be treated as the lady i am and with respect as i will treat you with the utmost care and respect. I prefer to lead the experience since that is my expert specialty. When i lead it's better for both of us- i promise.

I also request that you not be on the phone or texting during our time together and do your best to turn your phone off at the beginning of the experience. If you must be on call or check your phone for work that is understandable. However, i am not comfortable with you being on the phone with your wife during our time together or trying to incorporate her into our experience in some way over the phone. I do not feel that that is respectful to me or her and i wish to create a field of respect for all involved. Unbelievably i actually have had  more than one person try doing that during an experience with me? Thank you for your consideration in helping to create a mutually enjoyable experience.

When we meet please have the donation in a non-descript envelope or in a book or gift bag if we are in public and hand it to me within our first 15 minutes together. There is no need to include a gift as the donation and our time together is gift enough. If we are in private please place it in my donation box or leave it out on a counter for me.

I will invite you to do some enjoyable and playful basic tantric practices with me at the beginning of any encounter we have together. I am a Tantric Priestess and i only engage intimately within the context of a tantric ritual container.

Alcohol- I almost never have more than one glass of wine or mixed drink and i don't use any illegal drugs. I recommend that you not have more than one or two drinks during our experience to be clear headed and receive the most benefit from the tantric practice. I can incorporate CBD if you like. If you are already inebriated we may need to reschedule the experience so that you can receive the most benefit and so that we can have the best experience possible together.

Before our time together i recommend reading the article on my blog Natural Supplements for increased Male Virility and Stamina as soon as possible so you can incorporate some of my supplement suggestions into your health routine if it would be helpful. Reading other blogs i have written on my website may also be helpful to you in preparing for our time together such as my blog article on Mastering Your Sexual Energy or the one on Sensual Magic.


I am not against reviews as long as they are discreet and tasteful. This is important for my personal and professional safety. Due to the personal and discretionary nature of my experiences with patrons i ask that you share any review that you woud like to post on the internet or review board with me. If you agree I would like to put your review or words of appreciation on my website as i have with other reviews under the Appreciation section. Thank you for your undestanding and consideration in this regard. I am currently offering a 100 off a subsequent session with me for taking the time to write a positive, discreet, and tasteful review and sharing it with me.


Please understand that because i am very selective about who i see and low volume a cancelation has a huge impact on me financially and otherwise.

As in many professional practices, cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to being charged the deposit since space and time has been reserved in advance. In circumstances of cancellations with more than 48 hours notice, the deposit will be held and applied to a rescheduled future meeting.

If i must cancel on you due to extremely unusual circumstances i will be deeply aplogetic and refund you all of your money, of course, and make it up to you in the future if possible.


Although this e-mail may sound intense i am really very warm and fuzzy in person. I just like to make my etiquette policy clear so that we can both have a good experience. It is unfortunate i have to say these things at all but i have to say them to every new potential patron due to the small percentage of people without common sense. 

I am really looking forward to meeting you and having a wonderful time together. 

Treat Yourself to the Finest in Tantra and Companionship.