Elite Escort Anastasia


Having been bi-sexual from a young age i really enjoy experiences with couples. I greatly appreciate the beauty and sensuality of women and love to lavish them with attention. I think women sense this about me and seem drawn to me. I find the tantric experience and practices especially wonderful for women and couples sessions. I specialize in teaching full body sensual massage and vulva massage which helps a woman open up to her full ecstatic and orgasmic capacity. The tantric approach also allows us to take things slow and get comfortable with each other which tends to work better for women.


I also offer Tantric Coaching for couples including private retreats tailored specifically to your individual needs. I offer a curriculum of progressive tantric experiences and initiations that build upon each other and take you both deeper into intimate connection with each other and activate your full potential as tantric lovers and fully ecstatic and orgasmic individuals. (See Ultimates Page)


As a Marriage and Family Therapist and teacher of Compassionate Communication (NVC) i have the skills necessary to guide you safely through the depths of intimacy and heart connection while supporting you to access your passion and desire and explore new possibilities of pleasure. Having been through my own journey of sexual healing and becoming a more ecstatic and orgasmic woman i know what the journey entails and am a wise and playful guide.


I recommend a Tantric Retreat with me or a series of sessions if possible. See my Ultimates page for details about experiencing a Tantric Retreat tailored to you. However, even one session can make a huge difference in your love life. A tantra session or series is an ideal gift to give your beloved and an amazing way to nourish your relationship.

What people have said about my work with couples-

“My wife and I met Melissa a couple of years ago in San Francisco. The experience exceeded our expectations and it truly improved our relationship. When you have been married as long as we have that is quite a compliment to Melissa and her work with couples.”

“The experience that Melissa facilitated for me and my partner had a profound impact on our relationship and sex life. With her guiding i feel like i was able to slow down and for the first time really look at and touch a woman and learn how to please my girlfriend more fully.” DC, Military

"Tonight was amazing and you are amazing. I learned so much already and am inspired to heal. You were so personable, made us both feel so comfortable right away, the flow was natural and inviting; it was just all around a wonderful experience. Just wanted to say thank you again." San Diego, Tech industry