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Natural Supplements for increased Male Virility and Stamina!


Due to our modern lifestyle of constant stress, poor diet, and too much porn a high percentage of men have erectile issues at least some of the time often starting in their 40s but sometimes even younger.


Tantra and Taoist sexual practices are great for treating all sorts of sexual dysfunction mainly through simple practices such as slowing down, relaxation, non-judgmentally accepting whatever is happening, and sensate focus. Sensate Focus is a meditation technique for focusing on the senses and sensations. This is what we practice in Tantra and it is the number one technique used for treating sexual dysfunctions of all kinds used by Clinical Sexologists and Therapists. I know because i have a background in Clinical Sexology, Therapy, and Tantra.


Furthermore, a tenet of Tantric theory and practice is to let go of specific goals related to a sexual experience such as trying to make yourself or your partner orgasm or needing to have a particular sexual act happen. Since sex and women and the body in general is so changeable like the weather it is best to avoid frustration and practice accepting, enjoying, and appreciating whatever happens. We can hold a relaxed and flexible intention without making it into a pressured struggle and stressful goal. In fact, we are more likely to experience ecstasy and non-ejaculatory and multi-orgasmic states when we are relaxed and unpressured.


The irony in Tantra and life is that the more you can let go of your short term goals such as for the immediate gratification of ejaculation the more you can reach your long range intentions such as for Ejaculatory Mastery and expanded orgasmic states. It’s a spiritual and physical practice.


Despite the well known fact that tantra treats sexual issues of all kinds any responsible tantric practitioner will ask a few questions first before attempting to treat a sexual issue with sensate focus such as have you had a medical evaluation and are you on any pharmaceuticals. If there is a medical issue that needs to be addressed first. Also, SRIs such as Prozac are well known to lower sex drive and even interfere with sexual functioning.


Of course, most anyone can get a prescription nowadays for Viagra which can be a God send. However, besides having side effects it doesn’t treat the underlying issues like L-Arginine or Icariin can.


I have a good male friend who also acts as my personal natural pharmacist. He was a raw vegan for 10 years and is practically a walking encyclopedia of natural supplements and chemistry and such. He runs several businesses as a computer programmer in the Forex market and has a degree in Mathematics from Caltech. He specializes in supplements and natural remedies for male virility and stamina and so I asked him what he would recommend. This is his recommendation and he has tried them all himself and they have worked for him.


Take every day for general nutritional support and enhancement of male sexuality:


Take as desired every day but take twice as much on day of potential sexual activity:

(For enhancement of nitric oxide and growth hormone release- good for you)


Take before workouts for improved energy and on day of potential sexual activity:


(Powerful, contains yohimbe!) Take these carefully, and if sensitive to yohimbe then take only on the day of potential sexual activity:


Yohimbe can make you feel a little wired, like a strong cup of coffee, and give you hard-on that can last for hours. Some men like how it feels and others don’t. Probably best not to take if you have heart problems.


None of these supplements should be contraindicated with Viagra or alcohol. However, why take them with anything else? Especially the first time you take something you want to be clear on how it affected you and what did what.


If you want to read more about Erectile Dysfunction and what causes it from a physical perspective you can read the below article which although being a bit markety actually has some interesting information such as:


“A remarkable 52% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 suffer some degree of erectile dysfunction. The likelihood of erectile dysfunction increases with age, and older men are more likely to suffer from more serious erectile dysfunction.


Numerous conditions aside from endothelial dysfunction can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. Such conditions include: diabetes, prostate disease, prescription drug use, smoking, and psychological and physical stress.”




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