Practicing Sensual Magic TogetherCategory: Prepare for our Time Together!   Dec 10th 2013  08:48PM   0

Something to think about before our time together.

Sex Magic is the idea of building sensual or life force energy and then fueling your intentions, goals, and dreams with it to create whatever you want that is in the best interest of all. Because of the chemistry and energy between us we will be generating a lot of life force energy during our time together. It's a good idea beforehand to think about what your intentions are for our time together and what you would like to create or experience in your life and for the world. You can share this with me and our combined focus and intention can help make your dreams a reality faster than you could have imagined. That's alchemical and sensual magic, the power of more than one person intending something together and fueling it with their passionate life force energy. When men and women come together in a loving way we have exponentially more power to create what we want in our lives. The powerful energy of desire can be channeled into the energy of creating in the world. You may want to be more charismatic, more attractive to the opposite sex, more successful in business or socially, more spiritually evolved or help create peace on earth among other things. With my skills in Tantric and Taoist practices, Psychology and Coaching i can use multiple modalities to help you make your dreams a reality in practical as well as magical ways. You can use practices like writing your intentions or goals, visualizing them, and of course taking practical steps to make them happen. The clearer you can imagine what you would like to see happen the easier it will be to make it happen.

So give some thought to what your next evolution looks like, what you would most love to have or experience, and what you most want to see in the world and share it with me during our time together.

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