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Quotes by Anais Nin, an early bohemian and my favorite writer when i was a teenager. She is the author of many books including erotic poetic books Little Birds and Delta of Venus. Her contemporary and lover was Henry Miller author of Tropic of Cancer among other books.

"Oh, God, I know no joy as great as a moment of rushing into a new love, no ecstasy like that of a new love. I swim in the sky; I float; my body is full of flowers, flowers with fingers giving me acute, acute caresses, sparks, jewels, quivers of joy, dizziness, such dizziness. Music inside of one, drunkenness. Only closing the eyes and remembering, and the hunger, the hunger for more, more, the great hunger, the voracious hunger, and thirst." ANAIS NIN, diary, May 30, 1934

                                           "Shame is the lie someone told you about yourself."

                                                                                      ANAIS NIN, attributed, Why Men Fall Out of Love

                                                                    "Passion gives me moments of wholeness."

                                                                                    ANAIS NIN, diary, Feb. 1932

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