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Happy Beltane!

   May Day, the European pagan time of fertility returning to the earth and the people, was celebrated by wrapping the phallic May Pole with ribbons representing the union of the Goddess with her Consort, the young virile God. Traditionally Beltane is celebrating by taking a new lover either for the day or for the year. Even married people were allowed a new lover on this special day. Going a Maying meant going out to the fields and making love to help return fertility to the earth and to the crops for the coming year. What would you like to create this new growing season we are entering? Feel free to share.

I would love to host you at my Tantra Temple for a special intimate Beltane celebration between just us two. I am available tomorrow Thur and Fri this week. I will be packing Sat to go out of town next Sun through Fri. Then i will be back for a week and touring to DC and Boston for 2 weeks in June. Currently my travel dates are as follows. These are tentative since i only travel places i have advance bookings so please book ahead with me if you would like to see me this summer.

DC available June 1st-4th

Boston available June 5th-12th

I recently did a new photo shoot when i was in Miami for a private Eros Conference hosted for select upscale providers and i love the new photos! Hope you do too. Enjoy.



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