I would like to give you something dear, my travel dates, a poem, and a new photo! Category: General   Apr 1st 2015  03:14PM   0

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring Equinox and Easter.

The time of resurrection of libido and lust for life!

When the power of the sun grows stronger and the days longer.

I will be doing some travelling in the coming months and hope you catch me when im in your city.

Below are my travel dates, a poem for you, and a new photo!

Please schedule ahead because advance bookings make a difference as to whether or not i visit a city and that includes those of you in the bay area. I will come back to SF or Santa Cruz to see you. :)


In Love, Ana Stasia St. Lyon


Travel Schedule-

LA next Wed April 9th and 10th.

Dallas and Austin Texas April 20th-23rd.

Tentative in May- Atlanta, DC, Charlotte and Asheville NC.

Tentaive for June- Boston, NYC, Chicago.



I would like to give you something dear,

that makes you my intimate confidante:

to give you a thought of you out of my day

and a dream from my night.

I want to see us blessed

and may you release from my hands,

like a treasure, the tenderness

that you never knew how to long for.



I just got back from a photo shoot in tropical caribbean Miami.

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