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First i want to emphasize that i don't have a personal agenda around this. I have no issues if a man wants to ejaculate. I simply feel is is good to have ejaculatory choice and reap the benefits of building ones sexual energy. I dont believe in shaming a man or making them feel bad for ejaculating. That being said i think it is good to be informed of the potential benefits and detriments to how we choose to use our sexual energy and vitality. Taoist and Tantric masters have for thousands of years touted the benefits of building and transmuting sexual energy for physical health and longevity as well as spiritual power and enlightenment. Furthermore, they teach and i have seen that you can reach higher levels of ecstasy and multi-orgasmic capacity for pleasure and enjoyment this way. However, it does take will power and like most rewarding things in life, building one's will power to gain mastery on this level. However, this does not mean that one would never want to ejaculate. Mantak Chia is a modern day Toaist master whom i've studied with who teaches sacred sexual practices for health, longevity, and pleasure. His book The Multi-orgasmic Couple says,

"Sun Ssu-miao, one of the leading physicians of ancient China, recommended that, overall a man can attain good health and longevity by ejaculating twice a month. Sun Ssu-miao also offered more specific guidelines by which one could decide how often to ejaculate. A man of 20 can ejaculate once every four days. A man of thirty can ejaculate once every eight days. A man of forty can ejaculate once every ten days. A man of fifty can ejaculate once every twenty days. A man of sixty should not ejaculate... (Some would say even less in the environment we live in today of higher environmental toxicity and a less clean diet than in ancient China) Remember, this does not prevent you from having as many orgasms as you wish, and when you are able to orgasm without ejaculating, you will rarely long for ejaculation. You will have all the pleasure without the sense of depletion. Nonetheless, Sun Ssu-miao's recommendations are just guidelines. The most important measure you should use to determine how often to ejaculate is how your body feels. When you ejaculate you should feel light and refresh, invigorated not enervated. Every few years you may wish to decrease the frequency of your ejaculation, but listen to what your body tells you. And please remember, if you do ejaculate, do not beat yourself up or blame your partner. Welcome the pleasurable sensations and enjoy them. No man should become rigid or obsessed with the frequency of his ejaculations. The goal of Healing Love is not to master the practice for it's own sake but to use the practice for your overall pleasure, health, and spiritual growth."

Ejaculatory Mastery and Choice is also good for prostate health as is Prostate Massage. TJ, a teacher with The Source School of Tantra has says he has seen these practices reverse prostate cancer in more than one man. Better to be proactive in caring for your prostate health while extending enjoyment.

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