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I’m super excited to begin my new career at a Companion. I just finished graduate school last week and am entirely ready to enjoy myself lavishly! Ive been working so hard in school for the last 3+ years getting a degree in Psychology. I also did 350 hours of volunteer work helping disadvantaged populations. Now i will return to my previous career as a Relationship, Dating and Intimacy Expert and Coach and explore a new professional role as a Companion.

My feeling is that being a Companion is the most natural thing in the world for me. I love entertaining quality men, lavishing them with attention and adoration, and enjoying my femininity immensely and sometimes even decadently. It’s just what i do naturally. Beyond the fact that i naturally exude femininity and sensuality in nearly illicit amounts, i've been cultivating skills that are a perfect fit for this line of work all my life.

I grew up in the gentille south and was raised to have refined manners and a demure and warm way that puts others at ease around me. I was a ballerina and went to college for Modern Dance and Fine Arts. After college i travelled as a professional dancer and became fascinated by Bellydance and other exotic dance forms and cultures. Today i teach yoga and teach and perform Modern Fusion Bellydance. I am also a writer and write poetry as well as fiction and non-fiction. I have written extensively on how to reach one’s full ecstatic and orgasmic potential. I am editing a book for publication on that very subject. I am fascinated by and love to study people, psychology, relationships, and sexuality. In fact, i have been studying sacred sensual arts all of my adult life and began to practice them with my very first lover. Before grad school while studying tantric and taoist practices i served as a tantrica offering tantra and coaching. I was terribly successful and the highest paid tantrica in both Seattle and San Francisco during my brief reign. There were always more patrons who wanted to see me then i could possibly see. So i am curious to see how this new career will be.

As a result of my studies and practice i am a fully ecstatic woman. I wish all people could experience the ecstacy, bliss, and joy i do which is why i wrote a book on it. I feel passionately about sexual empowerment and believe that mastery of one’s sexual energy and procreative abilities are everyone’s birthright. I know and can teach practices for ejaculatory mastery and multiple orgasms for men.

I am refined and sophisticated. I make a great first impression, am a good conversationalist, and tend to be the Belle of the Ball. I am genuinely interested in people and am learning to ask good questions. With my background, education, and travels i can talk to anyone and fit in anywhere. I appreciate people who are different then me and wish to understand them. I truly enjoy the finer things in life, good food, theatre, travel, decadent relaxation and passionate adventure which makes me a good companion. I’m an easy-going traveller too and never get stressed out while travelling.

So you see i was just made for this. I can’t help it really. ;) Love, Enchanting Ana Melissa xoxo!


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