I would like to give you something dear, my travel dates, a poem, and a new photo! Category: General   Apr 1st 2015  03:14PM   0

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring Equinox and Easter.

The time of resurrection of libido and lust for life!

When the power of the sun grows stronger and the days longer.

I will be doing some travelling in the coming months and hope you catch me when im in your city.

Below are my travel dates, a poem for you, and a new photo!

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Quote from Osho on Being in LoveCategory: General   Mar 1st 2015  12:59PM   0

While in love one flows. While in love one feels so confident that one can touch the stars. That's why a woman becomes a great inspiration, a man becomes a great inspiration.

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Why would you want Ejaculatory Choice or Orgasmic Mastery?Category: General   Sep 11th 2014  09:59PM   0


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Its the traveling time of year again...Catch me if you can ;)Category: General   Sep 11th 2014  09:43PM   0

It's the travelling time of year for me and i'm going to the east coast to visit family and celebrate my graduation from graduate school as well as check out Boston/Cambridge Massacheusettes and spend a couple of days in New York city checking out the restaurant scene.

Come and check me out before i go and some of my new toys. I actually invested in red leather hand cuffs, collars, and floggers for sensual dominance. Fun! Hope to see you soon. Purrrr....

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Poem- Eden Category: General   May 6th 2014  11:33PM   0

In the beginning,

there was the garden

of eternal embrace.

The one

I came

out of.

Yet I still long

to return to you,

my love.


By Pua Nani of Erotica Poetica

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