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04-25-2017 Porn addiction, Prostate Issues, and Treating Sexual Dysfunction in Men Including Premature Ejaculation...
08-29-2016 Quotes from the Tantras about women and Yoni Puja...
09-09-2015 "I know no joy as great as a moment of rushing into a new love" and other quotes by Anais Nin...
05-13-2015 Happy Beltane! New Photo! Availability this week and Travel Dates!
04-04-2015 Good u-tube video on how to help a woman have a G-spot Orgasm!
04-01-2015 I would like to give you something dear, my travel dates, a poem, and a new photo!
03-01-2015 Quote from Osho on Being in Love
09-11-2014 Why would you want Ejaculatory Choice or Orgasmic Mastery?
09-11-2014 Its the traveling time of year again...Catch me if you can ;)
05-06-2014 Poem- Eden
04-17-2014 Back in the bay and Flower Power! It's the Season of Love! <3
03-20-2014 Happy Spring Equinox! Kiss me I'm Irish...
03-20-2014 Places i want to visit in Europe!
03-05-2014 Poem by Veronica Franco the most famous Courtesan in history
03-05-2014 Quote from the courtesan Kamala from Siddhartha the book by Herman Hesse...
03-05-2014 Quote- Improve the World and Enjoy the World
03-05-2014 Poem- How to Give Your Man the Best Sex Ever By Pua Nani of Erotica Poetica
03-05-2014 Poetry- When Man Enters Woman by Anne Sexton
03-05-2014 Poetry- "I had a dream about you. You were the love of my life..."
02-06-2014 Natural Supplements for increased Male Virility and Stamina!
12-10-2013 Practicing Sensual Magic Together
12-10-2013 The Sacred Sexual Priestess
11-10-2013 Halloween Fun
11-10-2013 Home Play-Mastering Your Sexual Energy
08-12-2013 Exciting First Time!