Porn addiction, Prostate Issues, and Treating Sexual Dysfunction in Men Including Premature Ejaculation...Category: General   Apr 25th 2017  11:01PM   0

By Tantric Companion Ana Melissa

Sexual Dysfunction in Men-

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Quotes from the Tantras about women and Yoni Puja...Category: General   Aug 29th 2016  03:48PM   0

"If one should worship the yoni bowing trice with a flower all karmas destroyed and nothing in the three worlds becomes unattainable." Describing Yoni Puja

"Women are heaven, women are dharma, and women are the highest penance. Women are Buddha; women are the Sangha, and women are the perfection of Wisdom."

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"I know no joy as great as a moment of rushing into a new love" and other quotes by Anais Nin...Category: General   Sep 9th 2015  04:01PM   0

Quotes by Anais Nin, an early bohemian and my favorite writer when i was a teenager. She is the author of many books including erotic poetic books Little Birds and Delta of Venus. Her contemporary and lover was Henry Miller author of Tropic of Cancer among other books.

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Happy Beltane! New Photo! Availability this week and Travel Dates!Category: General   May 13th 2015  01:36PM   0

Happy Beltane!

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Good u-tube video on how to help a woman have a G-spot Orgasm!Category: General   Apr 4th 2015  06:35PM   0

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